Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1and1 Has Now Terminated My Contract

This is an email that I just got from the morons at

Dear Reverend Joe Kennedy, (Customer ID: 71409XX)
Termination is set on all your contracts for 2 weeks for violation of terms and conditions.You will find a dump of the database in your webspace.
You have 2 weeks to find another host.

Michael Lazin
Security Team Operative
1 & 1 Internet Inc.

I would like Mr. Michael Lazin of to know that he will be personally named in the lawsuit being filed against He is a total piece of work!

Wonder what they plan on doing about transferring all my domains to another registrar. I'm sure that the International Registration Authority will want to know about this ... Screws Over Longtime Customer with 66 Domains

Please excuse my bad language and negative attitude in this post. Do NOT read if bad language offends you. has screwed me again. They arbitrarily took down my website at because it was "putting too much of a load on their servers" - translation - getting too much traffic.

I told them asap that I would move the site and database off their servers (I'll also be moving all of my 65+ domains away from those scumbags), but need to have the site up to be able to do so. No action on their side.

Michael Lazin

Security Team Operative

1&1 Internet Inc. is a fricking idiot and a malicious asshole.

They took down my site without warning after I had fixed everything they asked me to. They are costing me a lot of money from my advertisers and will face certain legal action.

There are plenty of other complaints about from other people they have screwed that can be found on the Internet:

I love the title of this one:

Well, you get the idea. I'm done with hosting anything with them, but do plan to proceed with legal action - and continue to warn others about the way and Michael Lazin operate.

That's it for now - I'm off to record my new video podcast: Sucks! Look for it on YouTube and this blog.

Update: 4 hours after 1and1 took down my site and they still refuse to restore it. I have forwarded it to Eastside Entrepreneurs until I can get access to MY database and restore it to a host company which is reliable and won't be screwing me over.