Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Don't Get Sucked into Using Mail.com - It's 1and1.com and They Will Screw YOU

Merry Christmas everyone - except for those assholes at 1and1.com who took down over 65 of my websites for no reason over 3 years ago.  I'm still trying to come back from that mess financially and do not want anyone else to get screwed by the German owned company 1and1.com.

I just got an email from someone with an email address @mail.com.  I was curious to find out about mail.com - so I went to their website and find it is owned by 1and1.com.  Bad news for anyone and everyone using mail.com - 1and1.com cannot be trusted and will screw even their best customers.

If you are considering using mail.com - DON'T!!!!  If you are already using mail.com - you will want to go back to gmail, yahoo, hotmail or even aol ASAP.

1and1.com screwed me bad - and I was one of their best customers.  If you do business with 1and1.com - or mail.com - they will screw you too.

1and1.com sucks ass!

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  1. I agree, I have had the same issues as Joe. 1and1.com sucks ass!