Monday, March 11, 2013

Hope You Are Not Using 1and1 to Host Your Blog - For Your Own Sake really screwed me over a number of years ago by taking my high trafficked site off-line right while I was negotiating for thousands of dollars of advertising contracts.  They gave me no notice and had no reasonable explanation - despite the fact that I was a long term customer and had 67 other domains registered and hosted by them.

When I complained - and started bitching, they closed down my entire account and all of my other domains as well. 

Unfortunately, I will be paying the price for's actions for my entire life - as I lost a good number of domains that I had owned for years - and were worth some serious money.

Shame on - use them at your own risk and peril!

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  1. 1and1 must be the only hosting in the world where changing NS servers (or any DNS settings) will take DAYS and your websites will go off line during this time!! (Despite all say up to 24hours usually updating NS takes 5 minutes and is seamless if a copy of the website ready on new hosting). 1and1 even put your websites down when you upgrade from cheap to ‘performance’ 1and1 hosting! (Yes they put you off line when you pay them more!) This is totally fucked up! And they customer support is outsourced to some Indian ignorant idiots, they sounded like retarded schoolboys with no knowledge of networking whatsoever. 1and1 I so fucked it make me laugh and cry! The only reason they still in business is that very second there is sucker born.