Friday, June 26, 2015

NEVER Use 1and1 to Register Domains or Host Your Websites No Matter What Google Says

Today I was looking at some documentation from Google about using a custom domain name to link to a Blogger blog.  I almost puked ...

They said that the first step was to buy a custom domain.  OK so far - I already have too many ...  Then came the kick in the stomach - they gave some options as far as domain registrars to use - and had the short-sightedness to include as an option.  (They also included GoDaddy which also sucks, but don't get me started on that).

PLEASE for your own sake, do not take Google's advice on this.  If you do use (or GoDaddy) you are doing so at your own risk - and peril.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I never try 1and1 hosting services. But for domain, I'm quite shocked that you have also bad experience with godaddy. I use godaddy as my domain registrar. For hosting, I also wouldnt recommend them. But, for domain registrar, they are OK for me, the control panel is also great. For hosting, you may try I've been using them for almost 10 months and they are good. :)

  2. BlueHost is definitely one of the best web-hosting provider with plans for all of your hosting requirements.

  3. Fucking retarded domain seller! Few months back they charged me $1.71 on the spot for a 1 year domain. Then couple of months later they killed my domain because of overdue issue (wtf? 3 months?) . The reason they did that, they claimed because can't charge my debit card?

    Two days ago, I bought again 1 domain from them using a different email. They charged me 3 times without invoice or receipt, $1.08 then $7.77 then again $1.08. After 2 days of hassles, they finally activated my account. But just now they brought up the overdue issue and I still don't get the domain.

    1 & 1 sucks!!