Friday, June 26, 2015

NEVER Use 1and1 to Register Domains or Host Your Websites No Matter What Google Says

Today I was looking at some documentation from Google about using a custom domain name to link to a Blogger blog.  I almost puked ...

They said that the first step was to buy a custom domain.  OK so far - I already have too many ...  Then came the kick in the stomach - they gave some options as far as domain registrars to use - and had the short-sightedness to include as an option.  (They also included GoDaddy which also sucks, but don't get me started on that).

PLEASE for your own sake, do not take Google's advice on this.  If you do use (or GoDaddy) you are doing so at your own risk - and peril.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hope You Are Not Using 1and1 to Host Your Blog - For Your Own Sake really screwed me over a number of years ago by taking my high trafficked site off-line right while I was negotiating for thousands of dollars of advertising contracts.  They gave me no notice and had no reasonable explanation - despite the fact that I was a long term customer and had 67 other domains registered and hosted by them.

When I complained - and started bitching, they closed down my entire account and all of my other domains as well. 

Unfortunately, I will be paying the price for's actions for my entire life - as I lost a good number of domains that I had owned for years - and were worth some serious money.

Shame on - use them at your own risk and peril!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Don't Get Sucked into Using - It's and They Will Screw YOU

Merry Christmas everyone - except for those assholes at who took down over 65 of my websites for no reason over 3 years ago.  I'm still trying to come back from that mess financially and do not want anyone else to get screwed by the German owned company

I just got an email from someone with an email address  I was curious to find out about - so I went to their website and find it is owned by  Bad news for anyone and everyone using - cannot be trusted and will screw even their best customers.

If you are considering using - DON'T!!!!  If you are already using - you will want to go back to gmail, yahoo, hotmail or even aol ASAP. screwed me bad - and I was one of their best customers.  If you do business with - or - they will screw you too. sucks ass!

Thursday, January 12, 2012 Losing Customers, Gaining Anti-Company Evangelists

By the looks of doing a google search on 1and1 sucks, there are even more people getting screwed by the internet hosting company

Use them at your own peril.  After over 7 years of hosting over 60+ domains, I started getting traffic to one of my sites, so they turned it off without notice.  Then when I bitched, they froze my account and all my domains for three weeks before cancelling it.

I lost thousands of dollars in advertising because of and their shady business practices - not to mention over 40 domains and years of work I was never able to recover.

1and1 Sucks!  They will screw YOU too!

Monday, November 30, 2009 Continues to Refuse Me To Transfer My Domains is the worst web host company in the world.  Not only are they unreliable, but they have also proven that they will screw over even their best customers.  I don't expect them to be in business at this time next year.

The most current issue that I'm having with them is that they continue to make it difficult (seemingly impossible) to take back control of domains that I have bought and paid for.  Most recently they have refused to transfer my charity domain, to my new registrar and host.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update: Still Refusing to Update My Contact Info and Release Domains

I just have to say that sucks!  They continue to try to fuck with me by not allowing me access to domains (and email addresses) that I have owned for many years.  Despite the fact that I've sent them all requested information (including a copy of my drivers license) over 3 times, they have refused to update my domain registration information, give me a list of all the domains I own or transfer these domains to another registrar.  (I am using as registrar and host for now).

This should not be happening, but because thinks it is ok to screw even their best long term customers, I continue to pay the price of lost advertising revenues each and every day.

Don't you even consider using 1and1 as a web host or even domain registrar, because if they'd screw their best customers, they'd be happy to screw you too.

Sunday, November 1, 2009 Still Refusing to Release My Domains! has continued to mess with me.  After canceling my account with over 65 domains and many websites and email addresses for no reason, they have continued to refuse to release my domains to a new registrar - or change the contact info on the domains.  #Boycott1and1